Sunday, April 1, 2012

Angelo's - Fort Worth, TX

When I think of old school Texas BBQ, Angelo's comes to mind. The building is no frills and we walked in smelling something fantastic!

My girlfriend Dicki recommended the place and we decided that taking a picture with this bear absolutely necessary. I mean, seriously.

You walk in and order off the basic menu. Nothing fancy just chopped beef, ribs, chicken or sliced beef. You get a plate or sandwiches. I was really craving a Dr. Pepper, you all know I am addicted. The fountain sodas had great ice!

The Roasted Chicken caught my eye and I ordered right. Look at all those sides! Two slices of white bread (great fro dipping), BBQ sauce, cole slaw, beans, potato salad and a pickle. Holy heavens, this is Texas at its best! This is good old, rib sticking food. God Bless Texas.

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