Sunday, April 29, 2012

Farmer's Market Finds! - Ojai, CA

Flat bread pizza with basil, goat cheese and Roma tomatoes from Knead Bakery. Snack, lunch or sliced up for appetizers at a BBQ - Easy, quick and simple!  

Fresh fruit. Think apples, lemons, limes and avocados. The more the merrier! 

This totally caught my eye. What is it you ask?...

 Salty Lemons. Organic lemons packed in a salty brine. The lemon rind when sliced thinly would be perfect in pastas or served with chicken or fish. I cannot wait to experiment with this special little find.

I don't normally like goat cheese but a sample of this Garlic & Onion spread made me a believer. I pan fried a hamburger patty for Scott's lunch today and spread a dab on the meat. Tasty!

Strawberries grown from right down the road. Hello Oxnard! 

I have had their Chardonnay before and I feel for $15 you get an outstanding bottle of wine. Nice and refreshing on those warm evenings we are starting to experience. Order your bottle today - Melissa Good Taste sent you.

A man and his dog, they just love each other so much! 

Happy Sunday!

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