Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pulido's - Fort Worth, TX

Our days were getting numbered in Fort Worth and I was craving some Mexican food. With all the great meals I have had I just wanted the basics. Melissa Good Taste is always in the mood for Mexican food so away we went. Pulido's in located across the street from the hotel Scott stays in when he has judging jobs. He said he eats there at least once every trip so I just had to try it out for myself. Chips and salsa were ok, I plowed through two baskets.

I ordered the Pork Chile Colorado. I am not sure why but tender pieces of pork simmered in a hot chile sauce just sounded what I was craving. The rice was outstanding but I would have preferred beans to the standard potato, pepper mix they serve. There were some really fatty pieces of pork that grossed me out but other than that it was pretty tasty.

Scott ordered the Old Fashioned Enchiladas filled with Monterrey Jack cheese and onions. I am not sure what makes that old fashioned but he loved them. The beans were really good. I am still bummed I didn't order them, darn.

All in all, it did not fulfill my craving for Mexican food but it was a nice place to enjoy a meal. I know I should have ordered shredded beef enchiladas, rice and beans with extra sauce. I will do that next time, I am sure that would make my opinion a better one. I do have to point out that they had the BEST fountain Dr. Pepper in ALL of FORT WORTH! I tested them all around town and Pulido's won hands down!

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