Monday, April 9, 2012

Blue Sushi - Fort Worth, TX

So Kathy and I got our hair done last Wednesday and we declared ourselves famished after the trip to the salon. We had been eating beef like it was going out of style so sushi came to mind! The fish tank above the bar where we were seated was quite cool. 

We ordered individual orders of Scallop Dynamite and it was very good. Creamy and quartered pieces of large scallops were baked in the shell. I loved this and was glad when we ordered more.

This is a baked piece of Salmon on a bed of crabmeat instead of rice. What a treat! Jalapeno on top in a bath of a chili ponzu broth. This was by far the most tasty little morsel. Everything is just tasting outstanding. So fresh and so clean.

Crunchy Blue is on top. It is filled with spicy crab, cilantro, crispy panko and eel sauce. That was the favorite of the two. The bottom roll is the Tidal Wave is shrimp tempura, crab tempura, cream cheese, sweet wasabi & eel sauce. It sounded delicious on paper but it was kind of plain.

I loved this place because the servers were nice, the menu interesting and it is super close to the horse show arena so you can spend time at a nice restaurant without being too far away from the action! 


dicki said...

This is probably my favorite sushi place in all of DFW.

dicki said...

This is probably my favorite sushi restaurant in all of the DFW metroplex. It never disappoints.