Friday, April 20, 2012

Del Frisco's - Fort Worth, TX

Scott and I make bets all the time. We bet how long it will take to get home, who will win American Idol, if the Jets will actually win - you know all the fun stuff in life. We usually make bets for Date Nights so it is a win-win for the both of us. Last New Year's Day we bet together against Lindy Burch and lost. Lesson learned, never bet against TCU for a dinner at Del Frisco's! From the wine all the way to dessert we went all out. Hello Duckhorn; great wine!

Classic Dinner Salad: The bacon and greed goddess dressing was amazing. 

Scott got his usual Caesar. Pretty much your standard salad. 

 So Lindy said the way to go was the Bone In Ribeye, all 22 ounces of prime beef. They ask you to cut into your steak while they wait at the table just to make sure it is to your liking. Perfection! We ordered the crispy potatoes as well as a side of asparagus to go with our meals. 

Lindy knows good Creme Brulee and do you want to know why? She doesn't like it flavored: mocha or any of that jazz, and it should come void of any fruit. We just like our creme to come au natural. Thank you very much.

So we made good on our bet, that is what good gamblers do. Will we continue to bet fabulous nights out on the town in Fort Worth? Yes, only if it is not against TCU. Man, did we screw that one up!

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dicki said...

Lindy invited me as her date but I already had plans. Sorry to miss that and enjoy your Texas loss/gain!