Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sunny Ojai, California

I just had to interrupt my Texas posts for a salute to my home state, California. The weather is amazing, local eats still out of this world and shopping still totally trend worthy.

Since getting home all I have wanted to do is make it beautiful. Both inside and out; my little nest is gorgeous and I am so lucky to live here!

I am still digging the Native American trend. Finding cool pieces of jewelry make my day, especially when you get a deal!

La Fuente is still kickin' out excellent eats for lunch and take out. I had carnitas tacos and a Mexican Coke. Heaven. I ordered four tamles to go - green chile and pork, the spiciest of salsas accompany these little precious presents of food.

My little guard dog has taken on the porch as his perch. He is the King of this Castle and is not afraid to show it! I had to brag on California just a little bit in-between the run down of my Texas vacation. Makes me appreciate where I am from. California Proud.

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California Dreamin'[amywitt] said...

I deff have to agree! I love my Cali and proud!
Love the pic...your hair looks great and so does your make up.
The weenie pic is to die for!
Can't wait to come home also!
Love ya!