Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bodee's Restaurant - Ojai, CA

Sometimes I just crave a cocktail. I love wine and even beer on draft but there are just times only a vodka tonic will do. There are many places in Ojai that serve great food but only a few have a full bar. One of those places is Bodee's - It is a drive from town but well worth it.

It was a cool evening so Scott and I elected to sit inside and it gave me good reason to order the soup, I always order soup. They had me at "Fire Roasted Tomato" so I dug into it as soon as it hit the table. I was slightly disappointed because it pretty much tasted like heated salsa but they made it right and took it off our bill. What classy folks...

Scott was craving vegetables so he ordered the House Salad with blue cheese. Actual crumbles of blue cheese made their way to the plate so that was a delicious surprise. The carrot ribbons were quite pretty as well!

Scott ordered the Prime Rib and I was almost going to copy him and do the same thing but I stood strong and ordered something different. He ordered it medium rare, it came about medium but it was so tasty with each dip in the au jus and creamy horseradish. He loved the roasted vegetables that came with it as well. He loves the fact it is available to order every night of the week!

My order. I could not turn down the Citrus Risotto, perfectly cooked Salmon and Snap Peas. Oh what a treat! I enjoyed every bite. There was not a speck left on my plate.

Bodee's is where you want to go when it is hot, or even when it is cold! When the weather is warm you can find a cool refreshing seat by the outdoor water feature. When it is chilly out you can snuggle up in the rustic, cabin-like dining room. There is nothing I enjoy more than good food, other than good service. Ask for CoCo to be your waitress and you will have an amazing experience.

Tell them Melissa Good Taste sent you!

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