Monday, April 23, 2012

Charleston's Restaurant - Fort Worth, TX

By the time we ate at this restaurant in Fort Worth we had been in Texas almost 20 days. It was starting to get to be a normal routine; try a new restaurant and then blog about it. Melissa Good Taste got a lot of action in Texas. We had enjoyed plenty of fancy meals, as well as Texas style foods so we decided tonight would be about comfort food. When I think comfort; margaritas do come to mind!

Scott loves to order salads at restaurants because I generally never make them when we are at home. Not because I do not love them, a Chinese Chicken Salad is heaven on earth but because we are rarely home long enough for me to keep a ton of salad stuffers around. We are home for about two weeks straight now so I should make more of an effort. A dinner salad was served with egg, bacon, blue cheese and a roll. Healthy? Maybe not, but very tasty.

 I ordered the Roasted Chicken, Glazed Carrots and Mashed Potatoes. Holy mackerel there were a ton of mashed potatoes! Too much, half were wasted. It was nice to eat roast chicken, I have really had more beef on this trip than I have had in my life. The glazed carrots were ok, but the carrots needed to be softer, they were not cooked well enough to my liking. 

Scott and I got twin meals, however he substituted his protein for Meat Loaf. He said it was almost steamed and didn't have that nice crunch on the outside that mine does. What I smart man to say that my meat loaf was better, he officially has been trained!

All in all this was a nice, clean place to grab a casual meal. It had a nice bar and friendly service. I might try Rock Fish, a seafood restaurant located next door on my next trip to Texas.

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