Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good bye Texas!

What a successful trip! Scott, Ron and I all did extremely well. We all took a little piece of the pie back to California. Winnie tried her guts out for me in my finals so I am just so pleased with her.  

Willy the Weiner guarded our tack room and was on excellent behavior for his vacation. 

A special thank you to Scott for not only being the best horse trainer, cow picker, herd holder, friend, but being the best husband ever. Life is good.

To my Mom for always being my good luck charm and #1 fan!

And, heres to me Melissa Good Taste! My first trip to show at Fort Worth and a dream come true experience. This was just too much fun.

We are hightailing it back to California. We just passed through Abilene and are going to make it to El Paso tonight. I have a ton of Texas food posts so have no fear on my updates!


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