Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cheesecake Factory - Nampa, ID

Raise your hand if you love The Cheesecake Factory... I do, I do!

Our server recommended that we start with the Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese. I have to admit that this did not sound that good to me at the start but when it came to the table I certainly was impressed.

How could I not love this?!

Miss Karley ordered the Chicken and Mushroom Lettuce Wraps and I think she didn't know quite how DYI it was. She ate her whole plate and had room to spare!

Scott ordered the Moroccan Chicken because basically he is obsessed with all things Moroccan. He likes spicy food and this was the perfect option for him.

I saw the BBQ Salmon, onion rings, corn succotash and mashed potatoes and thought... SOLD! It sounded delicious and tasted that way as well. This will be a go to dinner option for future visits!

Dessert for Karley was a Tropical Smoothie...

While we entertained some cheesecake! Turtle for me, Red Velvet for him! 

For a chain restaurant, Cheesecake Factory knocks it out of the park!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baja Miguel's - Las Vegas, NV

The show in Las Vegas was a long one so taking good care of your horses is important. The stall area is beautiful at the South point but the horses are standing on concrete under their shavings so they get extra treatments... Scotty is always looking out for extra grain.

We wrap their legs so make sure they stay tight and to avoid swelling.

We treat ourselves to nice things too, a margarita at Baja Miguel's is part of our treatment!

They bring out a trio of dipping accessories for our chips. I particularly enjoy the bean dip! It is so good. I scrape it clean with tortilla chip after tortilla chip!

Our helper, Karley, ordered the Chicken Fajitas and ate every bite. She is an eater! You would never know it by the size 0 jeans! 

Scott ordered the Carne Asada and Cheese Enchilada Combination Plate. He loved it! Scott and I have been coming to the South Point shows for years and he has always avoided eating here. What a mistake!

I ordered the seafood trio of salmon, halibut and scallops - three of my favorite things! It is the priciest thing on the menu but deservedly so because I am positive it is the tastiest! The rice was just as outstanding as the beans.

We lest stuffed to the gills and completely satisfied. The price point of the restaurant is on the lower end so go if you cannot break the bank. It is a welcome change to all the steak and wine that the South Point has to offer!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Silverado Steakhouse - Las Vegas, NV

A dinner at the steakhouse at the South Point is always on the list when we visit. We went with our buddies, Eric, Kassidy and Karley. A glass of cabernet was just what I wanted to start my meal. They serve a raisin bread that I over smear with butter and love it!

Prime Rib ... Rare anyone? Eric and Kassidy happily indulged in the bloody steak! 

I had the halibut of course, it was a huge portion served with mashed potatoes. I love the mashed potatoes here. So creamy, I could eat a bowl of dinner... and for breakfast and lunch.

Scott ordered a neat little filet and it was lovely. Perfectly sized and just what he wanted.

Another South Point meal in the books!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Zenshin - Las Vegas, NV

Another day of cutting at the South Point Casino means another restaurant to try!

This time sushi at Zenshin! Are you ready for Japanese?!

I started off my small meal with the Crab Stack - crab meat on the bottom, avocado, soft shell crab on top and surrounded with a mango puree. It was very delicious!

Scott want a Cucumber Salad and a sushi roll so he ordered the 8 Second Bull Ride! Yee haw! Think very California Roll topped with beef! He thought the two orders were the perfect amount of food. While he ate...

My broiled mussels came and they were hot! When mayonnaise and panko are heated they turn into molten lava! Although when cooled enough to eat, it is heaven! So I suffer for great food!

Our meal here was a quick one. We were short on time and appetite so exploring the menu was just not possible. i have yet to try the entree portion of the menu and look forward to doing that!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Del Mar Deli - Las Vegas, NV

While exploring all the restaurants in the South Point Casino the Del Mar Deli was next on my list. It is a nice lunch time choice because you can order food to go and then enjoy it at the cutting. So that is exactly what I did for Scott and myself.

Scott got the pastrami on rye, potato chips and a soda. It came in true, traditional style - dry with a huge pile of meat. He doused it with mustard and ate it open faced. Not his favorite choice. Oops.

I had the egg salad on a toasted sourdough with everything. It was a little bland - salt and pepper needed - but I ate it just fine. The dill pickle was superb! 

Lunch may just have to be spent at Steak n' Shake - That place rocks!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Sur Oyster Bar again... - Las Vegas, NV

I know what you are going to say, "You already blogged this place" - "You eat here all the time" - "Quit getting the Fish and Chips"... I know, I know. But what is a girl to do? We don't leave the casino and the food is wonderful. Come on guys lets walk through another Oyster Bar night, shall we?

How could we come and not order oysers? Pan fried this time and amazing! I do love mine charbroiled, on the half shell, well now anyway I can get them! The panfried are delicious and crunchy. Give it a try!

Scott had them whip up an off the menu specialty - Blackened Orange Roughy with the lemon butter sauce served on the side. He loved it. He enjoyed eating it with the side salad as well as the rice. Perfect meal.

Guess who went all unoriginal and ordered the Fish and Chips, again. I did! They are fantastic. Hot, salty moist little nuggets of golden brown. The fish is just so tasty that I never want to stop eating. It comes with mounds of fries and it takes me almost 30 minutes to finish eating from start to finish. Ask for extra tartar sauce for dipping. 

Miss Karley ordered the Seafood Diavolo and she loved it. She requested not to spicy and was perfectly happy with her meal. What is not to love of tomato sauce, noodles, scallops, shrimp and lobster! She had never had it before and so I was thrilled to watch her enjoy it.

That is all folks... Where will I go next? The Oyster Bar is very likely!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Steak 'n Shake - Las Vegas, NV

 We are back in Las Vegas for another horse show and we are excited. This is the first futurity of the year, meaning the first chance the 3 year old horses are allowed to compete. So it will be a new crop of horses out there on the show circuit. Meanwhile, we were hungry at almost noon so I ventured off into the Southpoint Casino to find some lunch...

I ran into Steak 'n Shake and put in a Take Out order and it was ready in about five minutes. Hey... Melissa Good Taste!

I walked our order back to the arena so Scott could eat in between helping people show their horses... See the cows in the top left hand corner of the photo?! The drinks were very large, yet refreshingly wonderful Dr. Pepper! Onion Rings were coated in a seasoned batter, not quite crisp but to be far I walked them through a 10 minute walk through the casino in a bag. The Cheeseburgers got a little smashed on my delivery as well but tasted wonderful. 

Looking for a steal of a deal for your lunch? Lookie here, lookie here. I might make Scott take me here again tonight for a little date night action with fries and milkshakes... 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Papa's Birthday - San Juan Bautista, CA

After Shannon's wedding we started back that morning for Papa's Birthday Party set up. My Dad and Scott were on hand for all chores... Let me walk you through our day!

The tables set up...

Flowers hung from trees...

Umbrellas up!

Papa showed up early for the party but he admired the flags we had flying for him!

Scott shucked oysters...

Dad grilled the sausages...

Cheese of all varieties on display...

Pate as well...

Our family favorite - Cream cheese, pearl onions and caviar... We love caviar a lot! 

Little Charles brought a ceviche of sorts with a corn relish mixed in... refreshing!

Fancy caviar, expensive and a special treat from Moroccan royalty.

Trica proudly displaying her goods.

Oysters on the half shell...

Smoked Salmon... with a salmon colored dress!

More caviar and extra goodies!

We spoiled ourselves with more... caviar! Lol, notice a trend here?!

Bacon wrapped scallops came out next...

And Jalapeno Poppers to follow!

The Birthday Boy sure had a comfy chair!

Party people...

A small plate I made along the way... I ate more than my share through passed appetizers!

Two local celebrities that showed up at the party... Melissa and Scott Good Taste!

The paparazzi never leaves us alone! ;)

Thank goodness my brother looks like me, he is so good looking! 

Our horses were the hit of the party... Everyone went out for a pat!

Angel Food Cake was on hand for the candles...

Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Tarts were served for satisfy sugar cravings.

Papa's grandchildren all surrounded him for a photo... Not a complete photo but pretty close!

My Mom and Aunt Carolyn on hand to help Papa blow out his candles! Uli too!

The suprise of the day was the bagpiper my mom had show up to play for my Papa. He loved it! It brought him back many years to his youth. I am sure this was a great for him. I want to thank my Mom for pulling this together, in addition to my Aunt Tricia who came through in crunch time. You two did so much in such a small amount of time. Unbelievable!