Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lili's Bistro - Fort Worth, TX

 My mom and I wanted try something away from the show grounds for lunch so we headed to the Hospital District down Magnolia. A gal taking survey's at the coliseum told us about Lili's so we gave it a try. The brick bistro was totally cute.

We started with Deep Fried Pickles and I officially decided I am not a fan. Regular pickles do just fine.

We shared a bowl of Chicken Enchilada Soup and it was delicious. Probably my favorite part of the meal. It was so savory. 

Kathy ordered the Fish Tacos, which she does pretty much every time. She thought it tasted pretty good. She enjoyed that there was so much vegetation on the plate. Texas doesn't seem to fair on the healthy side of eating.

It maybe hard to make out what is on my plate but it is a Lamb Pitas and a Wedge Salad. I love the pitas! The lamb pretty much melted in my mouth and the salad also tasted good on my heavy diet.

Lili's wasn't totally out of this this world but it was a refreshing change that reminded me of food we eat in California pretty regularly. Would I return? Probably not, it is out of the way but I am glad I went and gave it a try.

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