Friday, January 31, 2014

PCCHA Banquet - Las Vegas, NV

Scott and I dressed in our finest duds to celebrate the end of the year champions of the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association at the South Point in Las Vegas.

I bought this Michael Kors dress on sale for $100!

What a steal, love it! Anyway, onto the food...

They laid out a beautiful buffet and had so many options! Chicken, steak and a seafood lasagna were the mains - I tried them all and loved the seafood lasagna the most. The sides and salads were fantastic - I loved the risotto and sweet potato fries!

The South Point has become the premier facility for all things horse related. I luck forward to showing there through tout 2014!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Las Vegas National Golf Course - Las Vegas, NV

The Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association's Annual Banquet and Convention holds a golf tournament and I signed up the Good Taste's! Professionals and instructors from across the country were set up with us in a scramble format... Lets golf!

I had a ringer fly in from the coast! Hi Kathy!

We didn't get to practice before but at least we look the part!
Our pro was named Justin and from the Phoenix area. He was very patient and kind. Hi Justin!

I was mostly just happy to be there!

Scott took his love of the beach very seriously! He actually handled this shot out like a champion.

Finally, the last drive of the day I actually connected and blasted one. We used it as our last shot to the green!

To celebrate our long day we wandered back tot he South Point Casino and had a fine meal at the Silverado Steak House. i started with my usual, Lobster bisque soup and was pleasantly surprised in the silky flavor. Sometimes I get it and it is too thick for my liking but today it was fabulous.
I went for the Seafood Special of a pan fried Orange Roughy topped with crab. It was delightful. With each bite of mashed potato and creamy sauce I was in heaven. This was the best plate I have had in the Silverado.

To top off my most excellent meal I devoured the creme brulee which was equally fantastic. The day was long and challenging but I spent it with two of my favorite people in the world and tucked into bed overly fed. It was the perfect day.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Ranch House again...- Ojai, CA

We went to the Ranch House for a second time in the past few months because we wanted to share the unique experience with Cowboy Ron! He was amazed at the outdoor gardens and how it is transformed into a secret garden of sorts at night. With a bottle of Meursault "En La Barre", a white burgundy, on the table we said a toast of good fortune in the cutting pen 2014. Cheers!

I went back for some of their terrific soups. This time I tried their Chicken Tortilla and it was little spicy, I liked it. I will be inquiring about take-out orders for sure!

Scott has been on a health kick and his results have been impressive. He ordered the Salmon and it was divine. I finished what he could not and it was melt in your mouth delicious.

Silly Melissa Good Taste ordered the same thing she always orders, the scallops. I just love them. They are the perfect amount of food for me and i love the sides of fluffy potatoes. This is just what I love. 

I ordered the Creme Brulee knowing that this version was not my favorite but it satisfied my sweet tooth at the end of the meal. It is coffee flavored and I prefer the original, but the execution was done to perfection.

Cowboy Ron ordered the Tiramisu and swore he could not finish it by himself. He did! He ate every bite until his plate was clean.

So far Ranch House has been slam dunks with me the last few months. I am not sure if they are doing anything different from what they normally have done but maybe I am just more appreciative of them. I love their outdoor space so much, no one has that on them! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Old Creek Winery - Ojai, CA

Sunday was a beautiful day for a little wine tasting. I met my two gal pals down at the Old Creek Winery to do a little sampling. Nichole was a member so it was a nice chance to check out a new spot in Ojai.

All the wines were great. My favorite was actually their Rose. It will a go to pick for warm summer evenings in Ojai. The winemaker was pouring his own wines this day so he was not around for much Q & A but I enjoyed all of them. 

After the tasting the three of use decided to buy a bottle and share it while enjoying the grounds. It really was a perfect day for girl chat and a nice bottle of wine.

I loved this huge pine tree, it was stunning!

The kids loved running around, entertaining  themselves within the grassy area.

Weston had fine camera skills that day.

Cheers! What a special day!

This photo of Ashlynn is my favorite. 

Old Creek Winery is a beautiful spot to wine taste, buy a bottle and enjoy a picnic lunch like we did. It seems dog friendly but I wouldn't recommend it as they have their own dogs roaming around and they rule the roost. So bring your shades, some snacks, your best buds and enjoy the day!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Rocio's Mole De Los Dioses - Sun Valley, CA

I have read about Rocio's "Mole of the god's" on many LA based food blogs as well as LA Magazine's "Best Ever's..." so I wanted to try it myself. My husband's plane was delayed in Burbank one afternoon so I decided that was the day. I sat down and was welcomed with a shrimp broth. It was warm and very concentrated. Not the best thing ever, but interesting.

They have a huge selection of mole's to try but I decided to go with the original - the basic - that won the big LA eat off. I paired it with a choice protein of chicken. I thought it was blah. It definitely was mole, and i like mole, but there truly was not anything that set it apart from other mole's I have had. The chicken was cooked nicely and paired well with the rice.

They brought out cactus tortillas to mop up the mole and I thought they were beautiful. 

I left feeling bummed. I had such high expectations of this being a magic mole experience. I should have went for the super spicy one they warned people about on the menu. I think what I was missing was a little spice. It lacked heat. 

Onto the next adventure...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Arch Rock Fish - Santa Barbara, CA

I love a good Happy Hour, it provides a nice meal or snack with excellent prices and supreme food. Yelp, recommended while I was in Santa Barbara getting my car serviced that I go to Arch Rock Fish to take advantage of n Happy Hour special of $5 off my bill. Sweet!

I saw Oysters on the menu and decided to go for it. It was a warm day and cool oysters really hit the spot. They were Blue Points, not my favorites - Kusshi's are - but they were nice anyway. 

I was still hungry because oysters never fill me u, so I decided to try an order of Crab Cakes. They came out like little discs, perfectly formed. They were very tasty, kind of heavy but i didn't mind it. i was hungry and they were filling. 

It was just a short visit, I was in and out to hit State Street to do a little window shopping. I would return, it was clean and atmosphere very chill. It is on a side street and parking can be tough but that sums up Santa Barbara no matter where you are!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hip Vegan Cafe - Ojai, CA

This restaurant has been in Ojai for at least 3 years and for 3 years I have drove right by. There has been no desire to stop in and try it, which is weird for me - I like food! I like trying new restaurants, I just never stopped. Then one day after being stumped for Christmas gift ideas, I finally did. I got gift certificates for family members who prefer vegan food. I thought while I was there why not try this food and the hippies are raving about...

 I ordered the Spring Rolls which was supposed to be filled with ginger tofu, shiso thai basil, mint, onions and cilantro. However all I tasted in this over wrapped rice paper wrap was spring mix. It was complicated to eat and just flat did not taste good. I dipped it in the sauce hoping for improvement and it was just not my thing. 

I also was served a bowl of soup. I love soup! The vegetables were cooked nicely, not mushy but this too lacked flavor. It for sure was lacking salt, spice and anything naughty for you that makes food taste good. 

I know this food is good for you, but it sure did not make my taste buds happy. To all you people out there that do enjoy it, I am happy for you! Keep eating what you love! I gave it my best shot, it is just not my thing.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Casa de Lago - Ojai, CA

Once I got home from my Christmas Vacation from up north Scott and I celebrated New years Eve with a little more food.... This time at our local, quick Mexican joint - Casa de Lago.

Scott had the sampler Taco platter, but could only eat two. He brought one home for his lunch the next day. We kid around about me eating his leftovers before he gets to them, but this time I let him actually eat it!

I love ordering a shredded beef enchilada wherever I go so I got that in addition to a chile relleno, they are very good here. I too, could not finish my massive plate so I took most to go. I ate my leftovers for breakfast the next day!

If you looking for a fast, cheap meal in Ojai, this place is an excellent option.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tao Tao's - Sunnyvale, CA

I couldn't kick my Tao Tao's Chinese Food craving from the day before so my Mom and I tried again to score that yummy food! Success! We waited until dinner service on Saturday and even had to wait in a line forming at the door! It is that popular!

We ordered our meal to go in exception to the Tao Tao Salad and a drink to wait. I have read on Yelp that people are ga-ga for their Mai-Tai's. i had never had one before so I figured with my mom behind the wheel, I would give it a go. Holy moly! Do not order it, it is strong! No wonder people love it! it is like three cocktails for the price of one! Very, very potent.

The Tao Tao Salad was excellent. I love it because it has a hot mustard taste, but then is light and airy. The chicken is fried and has a chew to it. Their are cashews in the salad that give it texture, as well as the puffed rice noodles. I wish someone made Chinese Salad as good as Tao Tao's... Does anyone know of a place?

All boxed up and ready to go. We know what to order, this never fails: Two orders of Tao Tao Beef, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Pork Fried Rice, and Chicken Salad... That is all you need.

We brought the goods back so my Dad could enjoy a nice dinner. He was craving the Chinese food from the day before too. I love Tao Tao's - Where are all the good Chinese food restaurants Southern California?!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gumba's - Sunnyvale, CA

My Dad and I were Sunnyvale for a doctor appointment and we were so excited because after we could go to our favorite Chinese restaurant... Until we walked to the door and realized they closed between lunch and dinner... ?*&$!!! We were disappointed because it is so tasty! Upset but still hungry, we looked across the street and gave Gumba's a try.

I knew when I walked in it wasn't going to be this secret Italian Restaurant that we would love forever and ever but I knew my Dad was starving so we gave it an honest try.

Garlic bread came out, it was ok. Like I said, we were starving so a deep fried cat would have been ok too.

Ravioli please, and keep it coming. If they had to be known for one thing this should be it. We had the Beef Ravioli and the filling was well seasoned and there was plenty of it inside. Cooked to a perfect bite, without the insides exploding out of it. The gravy was solid. 

Let me say this one thing, they are nice and all but if Tao Tao's is open across the street just go there. 
I am just a sucker for their Chicken Salad... It makes me forget about anything else! 

Pedro's - Santa Clara, CA

My family at home all gathered at Sky High Jump Park in Santa Clara to burn off some off our Christmas calories. We jumped, while taking breaks, for two hours. I am sure we burned off lots of calories so a nice lunch at Pedro's was definitely in order.

It was decorated in pretty Christmas decoration but what made the space the most beautiful was the charming Spanish style. I love a Spanish adobe!

They brought out the chips and salsa and we dove in head first. I preferred the green salsa to the red.

The guacamole was nice, and everyone got their fill.

I saw salmon with mole sauce and creamy polenta on the menu and it had my name all over it. The salmon was cooked lovely but my one gripe was they left the skin on. I would have preferred a clean bite to soak up the sauce and polenta all in one bite.

My sister ordered the Verde Enchilada's and she too seemed to enjoy each bite. The rice came out green because it was cilantro rice! I love when rice gets "playful"... All in all, everyone seemed to enjoy their food. I know my Mom enjoyed a burrito, James liked his skirt steak, Kate had a salad and John had sizzling fajitas!

It was a lovely day. I would for sure would go back to jump off my naughty eating!
Jump, jump, jump... FLIP!