Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mi Cocina - Fort Worth, TX

Hey look, it is a Victoria beer and Cowboy Ron. We originally wanted to go to Button's but they were closed for Saturday lunch. So we wandered into Mi Cocina for a mid day meal. It was super fancy so we assumed we were about to receive a Mexican fluff meal... Would we be wrong?

Corn Tortillas with Shredded Brisket (oven roasted overnight) Queso Blanco, Arroz, Ensalada and Sliced Avocado. This was my order that the waitress recommended. Listen to them when they do not advise you on the most expensive thing on the menu, that usually means they are telling you the truth.

Fresh Tilapia, pan seared with Veracruz Sauce and Poblano, served in Corn Tortillas with Mexican Cole Slaw and Rice. Aye yi yi, doesn't that sound amazing? This place is fancy while producing real deal Mexican food! 

Cheese Enchiladas with Rice and beans for my man, Cowboy Ron. He said it tasted, "Authentic" and I believe this man knows his stuff.

Kind of expensive, but a really pleasant atmosphere and standout food. I will take Mexican cuisine any day of the week! Yum.

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Barb Price said...

Love this restaurant! Don't even look at the menu, I always have the brisket tacos, yummy every time!