Sunday, April 8, 2012

Silver Fox - Fort Worth, TX

We wanted a nice meal out to celebrate Scott's first run on Winnie. He and She, did so well that it was so deserving. I have heard by most that the Silver Fox is like the spot for a knock out meal so we decided to give it a go. Ron knew that we would enjoy the Flowers Pinot and we did. He has such good taste!

Upon recommendation from Freddie McGhee we ordered the Three Forks Salad. He just loves it and we did too. It was tasty but we were more interested in what was coming next. Salad can just be salad to me sometimes.

Of course I ordered the Lobster Bisque, yum yum. Creamy and full of pieces of actual lobster. You don't get that too often. Restaurants can be so stingy! 

Scott ordered the Silver Fox Filet. It came bathed in blue cheese, shallots and in a red wine sauce - Holy moley! Mashed potatoes and asparagus came on the side but the main attraction was the steak!

I ordered the Oscar Filet - crabmeat, hollandaise and asparagus on a medium rare steak. I loved mine even more than Scott's! What a special meal. It was just so tasty every bite. Have you ever even seen Melissa Good Taste order so much beef?!

Kathy wanted to try the Bananas Foster and so we all had a bite. It was very good! I like caramelized anything though... 

When ever you see Seven Layer Cake on the menu doesn't it get you the slightest bit interested. This White Pecan Cake sure did! It was entirely way too big and pretty much ridiculous but I am glad we all got a good laugh out of it.

A meal worth enjoying with friends. On the pricey side, not something I would come back to right away because there are so many restaurants to try! Was a little disappointed in service but not everything can be perfect. Or can it?

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