Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bonnie's Kitchen @ Tejon Ranch

Meet Bonnie Marie, she is due very soon. The other guy is Phil Benadum, Executive Director of the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association. Both are great people who really know how to please. Today I am going to talk about Bonnie, she not only caters the cuttings but has her own Supper Club in Santa Margarita. Check out her Facebook page: Bonnie's Kitchen.

This is Bonnie's crew, that includes her Mother-in-law.

She hosted a Taco Night at one of the nights during our horse show. Easy, quick and simple. Just one of the perks of having bonnie on the job, she know how to get people fed.

My creation! Nachos!

I have known Bonnie for quite some time, she was friends with my cousins growing up. She does catering events in the 805 and beyond. Don't be afraid to look her up!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sushi Holic - Port Hueneme, CA

Cruising around before leaving for another horse show we pulled into a seedy little shopping center and declared ourselves famished...

A terrific Miso soup and bland salad made its way to us rather quickly. It served its purpose and we ordered some sushi.

California Roll with Salmon and Tuna. Couldn't get anymore simple, or delicious.

I got fancy and ordered the Fiji Roll. Very scrumptious and fattening. Think lots of deep frying and spicy mayo! Tasty.

Would I go back? Maybe if I was in the area. Friendly service and reasonable pricing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tejon Ranch - Lebec, CA

Our current location is... The Tejon Ranch!

As you drive north on Interstate 5, look to your right just as you start your decent into Bakersfield. You will find the ever historic Tejon Ranch, an original Spanish land grant. At nearly 270000 acres, Tejon Ranch is the largest continuous expanse of private land in California. Pretty amazing stuff. We start our cutting here tomorrow and will wrap it all up on Sunday. Stop by if your in the neighborhood!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yolie's - Ventura, CA

We heard Yolie's was the place to catch some good tunes, eat tasty food and slurp down cocktail creations... So off to Yolie's we went! I love Ventura!

Top Shelf Margarita on the rocks, no salt. Yes please! One did the trick for me.

They have a salsa bar! I love mixing different salsas to create my own special blend. My favorite were the fire roasted, green and avocado salsa.

Seafood Enchiladas, minus the sour cream. It was flavorful and tasted authentic. Not just from a can. It tasted like someone actually took their time making it and cared whether or not it was done right.

You know this is my favorite dish ever - Sauteed Bass in a white wine sauce served with rice and beans. The sauce was nice a rich, more butter than needed but that is never a problem in my world. The fresh squeeze of lemon on top brightened the dish and I was a happy camper.

All in all, I give this place very good reviews. On Friday nights the place is apparently off the hook. They have live bands that come in and play in their courtyard. I would like to return to check it out for myself!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Casa De Soria - Ventura, CA

Blogs. They are interesting animals. They allow you to write freely on whatever topic you fancy, a way to express yourself. What they also do is bring people together, those who have similar interests. Welcome to this blogpost. A story of great Mexican food and new friends. Jodie follows my blog, lives locally and God knows I need some friends around here so, enjoy!

The Margaritas are Casa's claim to fame. Enjoy Patron? I do.

The chips and salsa come out fresh. The chips piping and the salsa kicking! Ask for the green stuff and you won't be disappointed.

Beef Fajitas for Jodie - All the fixings not pictured. Plenty of food for two meals!

Enchilada sauce. Enchilada sauce. Enchilada sauce. The best I have had in ages. The rice with a serving of vegetables was at first not my idea of a good time but I did enjoy it with ever bite of... Enchilada Sauce!

Three Crispy Tacos for Jodie's hubby, Ron. He enjoyed every bit of the crunchtastic morsels.

I will return for the food, margaritas and my new friends!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Siam Elephant - Carpenteria, CA

I got my hair done in Montecito Sunday and I have to tell you, nothing makes me feel more beautiful than that! So as I made my way back to Ojai, I thought I would pull off into to sleepy old Carpenteria and grab a bite to eat.

The Siam Elephant caught my attention through Yelp a couple months back because of the Pumpkin Curry they had on their menu. Two of my favorite things combined!

I saw a Lunch Special for Curry, Appetizer and Soup. I went for that instead. The Curry was more of a gravy if that makes sense to anyone. It was thick, not like the curries I am used to with its broth like texture.

I guess I should have gone with my guy and tried the pumpkin.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Firestone Grill - San Luis Obispo, CA

Meet James and Kate, two foodies running loose in San Luis Obispo, CA. They will be the hosts of the this blog post. Happy reading...

James Good Taste gives the Tri-Tip Sandwich two thumbs up, it never fails to impress this baby blogger. He rates the BBQ Sauce as "Outstanding" but does recommend having "Wet-Naps" nearby.

Miss Kate tore into this Tri-Tip Salad. She enjoyed the beef along with lettuce, pine nuts, bell peppers, red onion, tomato with that tasty BBQ Sauce and ranch on the side. If Kate doesn't know a good salad when she has one, I don't know who would.

They both agreed on Firestone having a friendly staff that services a full bar, 60 screens of entertainment as well as open air seating. Get yourself down there to give it a try sometime!

Thanks James and Kate!

Brothers Restaurant at Mattei's Tavern - Los Olivos, CA

Futurity Season is here! What does that mean you ask? It is the time of year that the 3 year old horses get to show their stuff! We have worked hard since their birth to raise and train them to be competitive show horses and it is go time - they will be shown for the very first time this Fall. It sure has been exciting to watch their progression over the years! So please bear with my sporadic postings, but just know with Futurity Season comes lots of traveling and lots of restaurant reviews! Enjoy...

A Futurity Practice in Los Olivos allowed me to try one restaurant I have been wanting to try for years. Welcome Brothers Restaurant. We sit down without reservations on a Wednesday evening and got a good view of the cooking line. It was the best seat in the house if you ask me. The bread basket is a tasty one - try the Jalapeno Cornbread!

Soup and Salad to get the meal going right. I had the Sweet Corn Bisque and it was so delicious. I have never had such a sweet and savory combination. The portion was a large one too. Eat up, Buttercup!

Fish Special of Halibut with a corn and tomato relish. I was told it lacked seasoning. Maybe relied too much on the freshness of the vegetables? I am not sure. The fish portion was enough for two - they certainly do not want you going home hungry!

Idaho Rainbow Trout served with mashed potatoes and lemon-chive sauce was my order. I got this one right! I couldn't finish my meal but it was just dreamy.

If this meal was any indication of how Futurity Season 2011 will go I am darn excited. Cheers to good horses, delicious meals and soulful wines!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Delgado's - Carpenteria, CA

After my performance at the Santa Barbara Fiesta I felt that a little cerveza and Mexican food was just what I needed.

The chips and salsa were so so. Our waitress later brought out some super hot salsa that lit my lips on fire. Natural botox anyone?

Cool beer shot right? Totally refreshing and absolutely needed.

The half order of Chile Verde was plenty for me. The pork was fork tender and the rice was serviceable. I made the mistake of pouring the fire salsa over the beans and it was just too spicy for me to stomach.

Shrimp Enchiladas with green sauce. Tasty enough to do the job but nothing outstanding.

Delgado's is just fine.

Food Trucks & Bocce Ball - Santa Paula, CA

The Limoneira Ranch provides a wonderful location for food and fun - Trucks and Bocce Ball. Although we did not partake in the sporting event we did participate in the eating!

Pork Banh Mi Sandwich is from the O Street Truck is just so so. Pretty dry. Next!

The same truck also had a Watermelon Salad with cilantro and jalapeno. Now this was tasty! Full of flavor and beat the heat.

South American Food! Not sure the names of the food but it was cheesy and delicious - missing name of the Food truck too. Oops! Bad blogger.

Enjoyed the sun and drank our share.