Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blue Sake & Sushi - Fort Worth, TX

We have met our end of Texas Tour! Can you believe it? I first and foremost want to thank my husband, trainer, best friend and mentor... Scott Weis. There is no one else that could tune my horse, coach me through and keep me motivated the way he did through this whole show. What a process! We are so lucky to have own a horse like her, but  feel so blessed to have him respect her is just so amazing. He has gotten to ride so many talented horses and he just loves her so much!

Melissa Good Taste and her calories at work!

I just love this photo of us! We look like we could just make it rain! Isn't she just the coolest?

After I showed I put my foot down and declared us enjoying sushi. This place is just the cat's meow in Fort Worth... There isn't much better. Hot rocks? Yes, please. How about River Rock Tenderloin with Jalapeno Citrus Ponzu? Great start to a multi course dinner.

Martinis for the ladies...

And Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc for my little champion. 

I did all the ordering and knew Scott would enjoy the Ceviche: How about snapper, rock shrimp, cucumber, tomato, avocado, cilantro sweet onion jalapeno salsa served along side wonton chips and chili oil? Heaven! So refreshing. I was starving!

How do Blue Balls sound? Terrible name for such a wonderful appetizer. Tempura fried spicy crab, come on now... best thing ever! There is only one thing I love more than crab and that is spicy crab!

Surfing was on the big screen so Scott was in heaven. Nothing else mattered!

Itchy Salmon & Sea Bass - baked and served with jalapeno, cilantro and ponzu. The most perfect bite I have ever had in my entire life. No joke. I dare anyone to prove me wrong. MELISSA GOOD TASTE BEST EVER AWARD! I AM TYPING IN CAPITALS BECAUSE I REALLY MEAN IT!

A mix of rolls: Crunchy Blue, Hawaiian, The Beach... All tasty but nothing like the starters, go with those. They are the best. They are tasty don't get me wrong...

Creme Brulee - Just ok.

Fried Ice Cream the size of a human head. Just ridiculous. 

This was my last Texas post and i have to say the most favorite meal because my mom and husband were there. I love them so much. The food was tasty and not over priced and I was coming off a huge win. I just wish my dad, brother and sister were there. I am so blessed to live the life I live. It sometimes just makes me want to cry!

Goodbye Texas, thanks for the memories!


dicki said...

probably my favorite place in Fort Worth!

dicki said...

Probably my favorite place in Fort Worth!