Saturday, March 31, 2012

Zoe's Kitchen - Fort Worth, TX

Scott and I wanted a meal off the horse show grounds so we wandered down busy University at around lunch break. We managed to find a parking spot at Zoe's Kitchen. Upon entering you walk up to order and I take a seat. It's Mediterranean-inspired comfort food with customers' dietary concerns in mind - nothing fried with gluten-free and vegetarian options. It was just what my body was craving after all that fast food on the road.

My loving husband decided to go with a Zoe's Classic: Tuna Sandwich. Albacore, tomato, lettuce served on Seven Grain bread. I split a half with him and it was comfort on a slice. I don't make or order tuna sandwiches nearly enough. My mom used to always make them for us. Roasted vegetables were served as a side. 

Miss Good Taste decided to go with the Steak Stack: Steak, mozzarella, portobello, caramelized onions, tomato, rosemary oil and feta spread served on sourdough. A hearty sandwich under 520 calories. I am going to return to enjoy this sandwich. It made me feel like I was cheating but it really didn't have too many calories stacked against it.

If you are wanting a healthy fast food meal. Come visit Zoe's. I wish they had them in California! What a treat!


SkippyMom said...

I would find that hard to believe is under 520 cal with the steak, bread & feta and b/c it looks too good. YUM.

I make all our salads too. We had chicken, tuna & egg with veggies on the side for dinner last night - it's a huge hit here - but I didn't realize how big a hit until I caught the family making deals over the salads this morning for breakfast! ["I will make your bed for a week if you give me the rest of the egg. You eat the tuna" - it was funny] heehee

Hope y'all are winning some ribbons & having fun. Not necessarily in that order mind you. :) Take care!

JustinM said...

A few years back I was in Memphis for the BBQ Championship. I ate bbq sandwiches for at least ten meals straight, no joke. One day one of my friends said we should eat something healthier, so we went to Zoe's. I had a grilled chicken pita and it was fantastic. So I agree with you, I wish they were in Cali. (Even though I left it this morning.)