Monday, April 16, 2012

The Tavern II - Fort Worth, TX

 When I love a new restaurant I go back pretty quickly upon my initial visit to see if I truly loved it or was just swayed by the first impression. So we went back to the Tavern a couple days and decided to sit at the bar this go around. I just loved staring at those two little pigs on the order-up counter.

Deviled Eggs were on the Appetizer Menu and who doesn't love a good egg? These even had bacon! Tell me what doesn't get better with the addition of bacon. Hmmm? 

Scott ordered the New Mexico Burger because he has been on a burger kick since our last Whataburger visit. The fresh ground steak was pretty rare for a medium-rare order but it is all good. The roasted poblanos, smoky onions and shredded cheddar cheese tended to fall off the burger upon first bite. The construction was a little shoddy but the taste was all there. 

The Halibut Beurr Blanc was a Special that day so I figured I would go for it. I hadn't had too much fish lately since my new found love for all things beef. The halibut was a pretty thin piece and was cooked nicely. The sauce the waiter raved about was just ok. The mashed potatoes were delicious however maybe a touch on the cool side. Was this dish the most awesome thing ever? No. Was it pretty good? Yes, ok.

So my new found restaurant didn't knock it out of the park the second time around but it was still pretty darn good. It is a popular joint, both times there the place is packed. In fact all restaurants in Fort Worth are. Everyone is dressed nice and beautiful, driving terrific cars with TCU stickers on the windows. I was quite enamored with it all.

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JustinM said...

Oh man Melissa - I went to my first Whataburger in Texas two weeks ago. It was so good I told Elizabeth she had to try it and we went to one in Florida a few days later. It's not In-N-Out, but I can't really think of a fast food chain whose burger I like more. I'll be writing about it soon.