Friday, May 31, 2013

Dempsey's - Petaluma, CA

While in Petaluma last week we not only got to ride, work great cows but I also got to see my family! My brother flew in with my Dad and my Mom picked them up at the airport to come visit the Circle Oak Ranch for the day.

After riding we went to Dempsey's and had lunch. Ron loves the Red Rooster Ale so we ordered a pitcher and everyone had a taste. It is really good. 

One of my favorite things about Dempsey's, as I have been here before, are the Onion Rings! They are thin and crispy! Totally addicting and served with their homemade barbecue sauce.

Mom had the Fish Sandwich with sweet potato fries. The fish was crispy and served on a soft poppy seed bun with the works. I loved the fries, as I sampled a few on the sly.

I had the Pan De Cazon: Basically three corn tortillas stacked between fish picadillo, sliced avocado, cotija cheese and red chile sauce. It was ok, sort of on the dry side. I kind of wish I explored something else on the menu.

Scott ordered the tacos and side of beans. He loved them, and offered me a bite. I just continued to eat the left over onion rings from the basket...

Ron had a beautiful salad: Chinese Chicken. It looked refreshing and healthy!

James and my Dad ordered burgers. I didn't grab a more mouth watering photo but they both seemed to enjoy them. I liked that they served up their fries like skinny matchsticks, they are so much better that way!

What a terrific day! Cutting, friends, family and great food. I am a lucky lady!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cucina Paradiso - Petaluma, CA

Scott and I went to Petaluma last week to work horses at Cowboy Ron's ranch in Petaluma, CA. It was a great trip, we had tons of fresh cows to work and a stellar arena. One of the nights we were there Scott and I snuck away to try a fancy restaurant downtown. Are you in the mood for Italian?

It was a quaint little restaurant with a lot of tables in one room. You had better like the dinner conversation at the table next you otherwise, it would make for a long evening!

I knew what I wanted from the moment we got there. I read reviews on the place and scanned the menu before we got there that evening. Ravioli Di Anatra - Filled with roasted duck, sun dried tomato and pine nuts and served with a basil cream sauce. I loved it. I originally thought I would not be able to finish it but the longer it sat down in front of me the more and more I worked my way through it. Lovely portion size.

Scott ordered something off the wall, from his usual ordering style and went for the Seafood Pasta filled with mussels, clams and shrimp. He said he wasn't very hungry before we walked in and he proved himself true as he only had a few bites. I asked him if he liked the way it tasted and he admitted it was a little bland. 

All this talk about pasta is making me hungry! Lets cook some pasta tonight, sip on some red wine and buy a movie on Direct TV! That is what we do for fun on week nights... What do you do?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Firestone Grill - San Luis Obispo, CA

My brother, sister, cousins and probably everybody else in the world has been to the Firestone Grill in San Luis Obispo. They rave about, dream about it and stop by the restaurant when the area. I, Melissa Good Taste, had never been. So the girls and I gave it a go!

You can wait in the hideously long line to order or grab a seat in the bar area have a waitress come to you. We choose the second option and waited for a few friends of Shannon's to meet us for lunch.

The menu - All things Bar-B-Que...

While we waited I ordered a basket of Onion Rings. They were great! They served their signature BBQ sauce with them and it sold me. I had to order something smothered in sauce!

So why not the ribs? I thought they were very good. Tasty, tender and smothered with that wonderful sauce. I ate half of my order and brought the rest home to Scotty boy. He thought they were pretty tasty too.

The Tri-Tip Sandwich -This is what everyone orders when they come here. The tender tri-tip, garlic toasted bun and BBQ sauce make for the perfect lunch. It is a large sandwich so most of the girls took half wrapped up to go. 

What did I think of the Firestone Grill - It was good. Would I go back? Sure, those onion rings were fantastic! And, the Dr. Pepper was refreshingly delicious. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Splash Cafe - Pismo Beach, CA

I have been wanting to try The Splash Cafe's Clam Chowder for like 100 years! When we go by we usually have a horse trailer and the tight location of this restaurant is not parking friendly. So I got up from the hotel from the Bachelorette Party on Sunday morning and decided to trek out and get some. 

The line was short by Splash Cafe standards, there were 5 people in front of me and the line was already out the door. It is a small space so don't be discouraged if you see a line, get your chowder to go and the hostess will dish it up for you! 

My Chowder! I added the topping of shrimp and crab! It was awesome! Everything I heard about the chowder was good, and it delivered. I will be back to share this joy with Scott, we love our chowder!

Great job Splash Cafe!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Rest in Peace Soldiers...

Take time to reflect on being a great American today. Give back to society and don't be drain! What can you do for your country? Be an upstanding citizen! 

On that note also be a Giants fan!

Battle of the Bay! 

I am at home in Ojai enjoying my favorite ballpark food. Hot dogs and spicy chili!

Friday, May 24, 2013

SLO Wine Tasting & Festivities - San Luis Obispo, CA

The next morning we all loaded up the Wine trolley and made our way to the Talley, Edna and Tolosa tasting rooms...

My favorite was the Talley Pinot as it tasted like cola! I bought a bottle to enjoy with Scott, he is a major pinot fan too!

Melissa Good Taste tasting away...

Our group of stunning girls!

Back on the trolley...

The ride was a nice one but we got some wind blowing through our hair! 

Instant volumizer!

We all did some shopping at the tasting rooms. We picked up wine, of course, as well as pastas and risottos to try at home.

Another group shot!

At Tolosa we went back to a beautiful tasting room that overlooked the valley, very pretty.

Two wineries down and we were feeling pretty sassy!

Cheese, almonds, honey and crackers - All needed. We were getting hungry!

Charcuterie plate for me please! I loved the pate! it was not a crowd favorite.  

The cobra decanter was quite fun.

We finished our wine tasting and were dropped off in San Luis Obispo. We grabbed some appetizers at Luna Red and continued our drinking...

These crab fritters were amazing!

We danced on chairs...

the dance floor...

and eventually the bar!

It was a good time had by all.

Congratulations Shannon, you are going to be a beautiful bride!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rosa's Italian Restaurant - Pismo Beach, CA

My cousin Shannon is getting married! She invited her closest girlfriends out for a weekend of wine, dancing and dining and I was thrilled to go! This group of girls know how to have a good time. We originally wanted to dine at Splash Cafe for chowder but the place was packed and we moved on...

Rosa's was a bit more fancy than we wanted but the service for 11 rowdy girls was outstanding and Pismo can be limited for such last minute groups.

My pal, Jody made this concoction for her bread... Olive oil, balsamic and parmesan -- It was heavenly! 

They claimed to have award winning Clam Chowder so who was I to not try it?! It was good. Not great but definitely on the upper end of my chowder trials. 

I was torn between dishes and decided to go with my scallop craving. I had the Shrimp and Scallop Pasta with sun dried tomatoes and a pesto sauce. It was ok. I am not a big fan of bay scallops, I prefer the larger sized sea scallops because they are usually not overcooked like these were. The shrimp were excellent!

My sister ordered my second place option and she didn't seem overly impressed with the Butternut Squash Ravioli. The garlic cream sauce was over whelming and seemed to take over the dish. I love garlic but I do not like it in large doses.

The night continued on with fun shots for the bride-to-be, a drink at Harry's Bar and more fun at the Sand Castle Inn suite. We got to bed at a relatively early hour to prepare for the next day's festivities... Stay tuned!