Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Tavern - Fort Worth, TX

There are many reasons why I love my husband but one of the main reasons is that he has a big heart. He is great help at the cuttings and the smart ones ask him for his help. They do well, and usually end up winning their fair share. This evening in particular we had to head back into town from our hotel to help one of our fellow Californians at the cutting, Mary Kate.

Upon a recommendation by my Texan hairdresser we decided to give, The Tavern on Hulen a try. It had a fun menu and when we saw Grilled Artichokes on the menu we had to order them because it reminded us of home. Scott orders them at The Hitching Post all the time and said they were pretty similar to t hose. I enjoyed them very much, the grilled lemon wedge was a nice touch.

I don't know what encouraged me to order the Chicken Enchiladas but I did. The sauce was very spicy! I did crave each bite with the rice, beans, avocado. The chicken was all white meat and cooked perfectly. Not the most authentic thing but very clean tasting.

Scott ordered the Pork Tacos and they came ready to be assembled. The pork was very tender and I enjoyed many bites of Scott's leftovers. The verde sauce was spicy as well, they like there sauces with kick here!

So after dinner we went into the Coliseum with a mission to help navigate Mary Kate to a win, and there was much success. She won and made Californians alike very proud. 

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