Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blue Mesa - Fort Worth, TX

Margaritas are pretty much my favorite part of any Mexican meal. We ordered the op Shelf and had ourselves a good time. They were very tasty! Heads up to a stellar meal... 

The chip selection was a stellar one, white and blue tortilla chips and sweet potato chips as well! The salsa in the fore front was my favorite. It was smooth and smokey. My favorite kind. So far, so good! 

You cannot see what is under al that garnish but it is Chicken Enchiladas for Scott. He orders them every time and just loves them. The masa served on the side is my ultimate dish.

I ordered the Street Tacos of: Shrimp, Pork and Avocado, Black Bean & Goat Cheese. I loved the Ginger Rice and mash sides. Out of the tacos the pork was my favorite. 

This is a chain and not a bad one, just don't expect authentic food. A notch above Chevy's, comparable to On The Border but everything you crave for a quick meal.

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dicki said...

There are four of these full scale restaurants in the DFW area, three in the Dallas area and one in Fort Worth, a very small chain and all owned and operated by Jim and Liz Baron.