Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ol' South - Fort Worth, TX

 After a busy morning of working horses and stall cleaning in Texas we decided to break for a late breakfast. We had already tried our hand at the Swiss Pastry Shop earlier in the week for a late breakfast and was burned so we decided to go back to the ever faithful, Ol' South. The coffee is always hot and food made to order.

German Pancakes were ordered for three. I like that they take the time to create a table side show of squeezing the lemon, pouring the powdered sugar and then mixing it. It makes it seem like you r meal was handled with love and care. 

They are then individually wrapped up into a little ball, I am not sure why they do that. As soon as the waitress walks away I unwrap mine and eat it laying out flat. 

Like so... As you can see my pancake looks quite small, I ordered the Dutch Baby. It is made the exact same way as the others just a smaller portion size. That is my bacon up there in the corner, extra crispy all the way.

Done. My favorite breakfast in the books.

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