Monday, April 21, 2014

Road Food - Texas to California

Scott and I are driving home from Fort Worth and I think we have purchased every type of junk food possible. I have eaten more bags of Funyuns than I can count, slurped entirely too much soda and may or may not have squeezed melted Reese's directly into my mouth. The shame...

On one stop I mixed things up a bit and got hot dogs fresh off their rollers and fancied them up with all the fixings! The jalapeƱos and onions later turned out to be a poor decision.

To soothe the burn from the hot dogs a logical choice was clearly a Little Debbie Chocolate Hand Pie. 

I can tell you one thing and one thing for sure, when I get home some changes will be made. Could Melissa Good Taste actually be craving vegetables?!...

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