Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eddie V's - Fort Worth, TX

The night of Cowboy Ron's big win at the NCHA Super Stakes we decided to go big and celebrate with a meal at Eddie V's. It was pretty late when we walked in as he competed in not one, but two finals that night. The waitress was kind and let us take our time even though the restaurant was empty.

Bread came out to the table quickly as they knew we were hungry. Bread and butter never tasted so good! Ravenous...

We decided to go for cocktails that evening and a margarita sounded lovely. I had been on a horse all day long so to be able to relax at the end of the day was just like heaven. I have to admit it was pretty nice to let loose knowing you were riding the champion horse! 

We started off our meal sharing the Seafood Tower complete with Maine Lobster, 8 Gulf Shrimp, 8 Oysters, and Jumbo Lump Crab. This was a meal in itself! We were jam packed with protein but I feel like I always have room for more seafood...

So how about a big piece of halibut, topped with crab in a light butter and white win e sauce with sliced garlic. The dish was light and lovely I was munching away until I got to the middle of the fish. It was not cooked quite I all the way through to a doneness that I was comfortable with. I had the waitress take it back for them to re-fire and by the time it got back to the table I was stuffed and completely exhausted.

It had been a long day so dessert was out of the question. All I wanted was to go to sleep, have a late wake up call and possibly a foot rub. One of those things happened as we had to get up early to get Ruben worked in the morning for Scott to show. Horse show life isn't easy but days like this make it all worth it.

Congratulations Ron Malone and Rubys CD - 2014 NCHA Super Stakes Amateur Champion

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