Friday, April 18, 2014

Great Outdoors - Fort Worth, TX

When Scott and I are at horse shows we are in the stall area 90% of the time. Whether it be waiting on our time to show, doing chores or just hanging with our horses this is our home away from home. I have worked on making it more cozy with beach flooring but I am thinking next time I will include reclining chairs and possibly a hammock and some tunes to rock out to...

Just down the street is a great place for me to pick up sandwiches to go so we can enjoy our lunch in those same stalls while we work. I cannot think of a better lunch, in fact I will probably have it again today.

The lines are usually long but not to worry, the sandwich makers are fast so it moves along quickly.

Throughout the show I grabbed many sandwiches go. I always experiment on bizarre orders for Scott because he loves everything. You really cannot go wrong, the bread is fresh, vegetables crisp and sandwich meat savory and plentiful.

I order the same thing every time - Turkey and Swiss or a croissant with extra mayonnaise, dijon mustard, pickles, peperoncini, tomatoes, light lettuce, salt and pepper. That is pretty much the perfect sandwich to me. I usually am not a big sandwich person because I am a large fan of eating deconstructed food, I like tasting one flavor at a time. The only exception to that would be gravy, gravy goes well with everything.

Ok my friends, have a good day... I am off to care for some beautiful horses and take in another Texas day!

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