Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pappas Burgers - Fort Worth, TX

Pappas Burgers is part of a chain of Pappas Restaurants - which are located next door of the seafood and Mexican choices. Scott said Pappa Burgers was really good and I had encouraged him to pick another spot. He had his mind set on the place and drove through construction sites to get to it. You order at the counter and find a seat. 

I ordered chips and queso for our table while we waited for our entrees. The chips were very thick and a lot to chew. The queso was an old texture and not very tasty. I do not suggest ordering this, you will down a few chips and feel like you wasted your money. 

The Chicken Tortilla Soup was my order and it was actually very good! The flavor pleasant and the pieces of chicken very plentiful. My one gripe would be there was a lot of cheese, almost too much. I think if I ever had to dine here again I would choose the soup.  

Now for the burger that Scott wanted so dearly. This should have been delicious, it read for a great order and Scott should have left happy. However a few bites in he quit biting into the beast and had a disappointed look on his face. I munched on a few of his onion rings, they were good. 

I don't wanted to be a downer food blogger but Scott's burger made his queasy for the next few days. I am sorry this post had to happen but it was an eye opener, we dine out a lot and food poisoning can happen. I crossing my fingers this is the last time on this trip! 

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