Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen - Fort Worth, TX

It was only a matter of time before I got to this review. Like many other restaurants reviewed every time we go to Texas, this place gets a visit. Its sister restaurant, Pappa's Burgers got Scott sick about before this visit so he approached this dining experience very gingerly. 

I wish I didn't see the Baked Oysters on the menu because they were all just filler. Lots of spinach and sauce, I am not 100% I even consumed an oyster. This would be a pass on future visits.

What I did love was the Tilapia, topped with lump crab, tomatoes and basil in a white wine, butter sauce! What heaven! I added risotto as my side it was a perfect bite with fish, rice and sauce. It was rich and overwhelmingly luxurious. I encourage all you saucy fish lovers to give this one a try.

Scott did not want to be as adventurous as I was and stuck to a classic order of Fried Shrimp and French Fries. The shrimp were outnumbered by the mound of fries but he ate his meal nicely, not thinking about the bad burger experience next door. 

I didn't need dessert or really want to order it but the advertising on the table really sold me. It was a trio of all things that I really love: Banana Pudding, Pecan Pi and Creme Brulee in mini versions. I expected Scott to help me but he left me on my own and I did the best job I could with my already full tummy. The creme brulee was the best, it is always the best. Why do I ever stray?

Papadeaux is a great place to come with large groups who want all different things to eat. You do no have to order seafood, there are tons of options on the menu. Give it a try!

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