Sunday, April 6, 2014

Del Frisco's - Fort Worth, TX

Happy rainy Sunday here in Fort Worth! We had one heck of an evening last night at the famous Del Frisco's Double Eagle Restaurant in downtown. Cowboy Ron, Cowgirl Kate, James, Scott and I met up for a luxurious meal from cocktails to dessert. Let me share our meal with you...

Ron and I have always wanted to try the Signature VIP which is Svedka Clementine Vodka aged in pineapple. The glass canisters of the marinade are located throughout the bar. This drink is totally potent but doesn't taste that way it all. if your looking to get into trouble, order a couple of these. 

We started off with a few appetizers and the best being the Shanghai-Style Fried Calamari. The calamari itself was totally tender, delicately fried and lightly dressed in a sweet chili glaze. Chopped cherry peppers, scallions and peanuts made for the perfect crunch. If you are going to order one appetizer, make this one it.  

This was my appetizer plate. It included the calamari of course but also a portion of the crab cake appetizer. It did not blow me away but the large chunks of sweet crab were terrific.

James and Kate both ordered Del Salad's and I was slightly envious of the slices of bacon that they received. I was almost tempted to order my own on the side.

Scott and Ron went the Caesar Salad route like usual and they both seemed very happy with it. I did not order soup which is totally rare. I just wanted all of my appetite for my entree and dessert! 

Everyone ordered filets but me, surprise surprise. Scott liked his on the rarer side so here is his! We ordered asparagus and scalloped potatoes as sides for the entire table. The potatoes were amazing! 100,000 calorie good.

Kate preferred her meat a little more well done. I enjoy that they have you cut into while they are at the table so you can make sure it is cooked to your liking.

Del Frisco's is known for their wonderful steaks but the real secret is in the fabulous seafood they serve. I had a fantastic wasabi crusted halibut in an asian sauce served on a bed or rice and sauteed mushrooms. The crunchy wontons and almonds on top just hit the ball out of the park. The portion of this fish was entirely too big but I slowly finished every bite.

The dessert menu was filled with lots of fun things but you know I could never turn my back on Creme Brulee. it was outstanding. The custard rich, smooth and totally decadent. I highly recommend if you are a creme brulee lover like myself.

Kate is a sucker for Bread Pudding so she went that route. I had a bite and have to say it was tasty as well. The caramel sauce would probably make even cardboard taste delicious.

I love dining at Del Frisco's because the atmosphere takes you to a time where people wore their finest clothes to dine out, had manners and class. If you are a cowboy you are treated like royalty and that is not something we Californian's get too often back home. If you want a meal that you will never forget, go to Del Frisco's...

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