Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cajun Cutter Party - NCHA Super Stakes: Fort Worth

The 2014 NCHA Amateur Super Stakes Champion Ron Malone, Trainer to the Stars: Scott Weis and humble foodie: Melissa Weis (myself) wandered over to the "Cajun Cutter Party" sponsored by the Grace Ranch, owner of high performance stallion: High Brow CD. It was a crawfish boil so we just had to check out the propane power for my dad! 

The hostest with the mostest pictured at center flanked by the champ and his trainer! Ron's good horse "Rubys CD" is sired by "High Brow CD" so we wanted to show our support and thanks for what the Grace Ranch does for cutting.

The catfish filets were being breaded and fried up. I was salivating as we walked into the party.

We grabbed our drinks at the "High Brow CD" bar and took our seats to watch the action of what was about to be served!

The crawfish were boiled and tossed with their special seasonings and literally shoveled onto a flat bed trailer...

It was awesome! it was like a free for all if you wanted to grab a plate to go sit or a make shift crawfish bar... shells tossed to the inside.

We prunies didn't know what to expect but we were excited!

Catfish, slaw and hush puppies for all!

We got our hands dirty and ate a couple boxes full. I have to admit learning how to get the meat out is a true technique and I got better as I went along. The work is hard but the reward of the sweet shellfish is great.

We enjoyed the southern fare and had a ball.

Two thumbs up for a great party celebrating the south and their great stallion, "High Brow CD"

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