Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ol' South - Fort Worth, TX

Uh ohhhh... Where do you go when you are hungry at it is late at night? Ol' South of course! It is open 24-7 and the coffee is always hot. It is typically always full of bleary eyed TCU students but you will find yourself among the cutters who didn't get supper as well.

When you are ordering in between dinner and breakfast you get a free pass on what you want to order. Scott and i decided a chocolate milkshake would be totally appropriate. It was outstandingly delicious, I high recommend.

I decided to go for breakfast, short stack pancakes and extra crispy bacon. I like the balance of salty and sweet! I wish I enjoyed he pancakes a smidge more but the texture made them seem like corn cakes, I didn't mind them but i think there was an order mix up. The bacon came out just how I like it, so crispy it basically shatters.

Scott ordered a BLT and let me tell you why you do not need to order it here. First off, the bacon was way under cooked, no one likes chewy raw fat. Secondly, the "butt" of the tomato was served. Never do that! I want to see perfect tomato slices not the piece that should be discarded staring at you. The fries served with the sandwich were good. They paired with the milkshake nicely creating a sweet and salty combination for Scott. 

We really should have gone with our old faithful of German Pancakes. The lemon and confectioners sugar create a decadent sauce served with comforting pancakes. Sinful, but delicious. Ol' South is one of Cowboy Ron's favorite places so you better believe we will be back!

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