Saturday, April 26, 2014

Michael's Cuisine - Fort Worth, TX

While in Texas a big storm blew in on the day James and Cowgirl Kate arrived. They checked into their hotel, met us at the horse show and declared themselves famished after the long day of travel. Scott did some restaurant scouting on his own and suggested we dine at Michael's Cuisine, an old school place with new school flavor.

The stormy weather made me crave soup more than I already do and this was terrific. It was a spicy Carrot Soup and I highly recommend it if it is the special. It was creamy but not heavy.

The salads were pretty standard. Bright, clean flavors with liberal doses of cheese and dressing. That is the kind of salad I embrace with both arms.

I should have loved this. It meets all of criteria for a fantastic meal. Scallops in a white wine caper sauce flanked buy a tasty fried rice. It should have been my thing. But, you cannot use low quality seafood and get away with it. The scallops were cooked perfectly but they just tasted a smidge funky. I did not get sick and I did eat my fair share so I knew they must have not been too far gone but it did lower my love for the experience.

When I saw Chicken Scalloppini on the menu I knew Cowgirl Kate order it like she knew I would order the Scallops. We are pretty predictable. She loved it, the portion was huge as there were two pan fried breasts on her plate so James helped her out of course. She opted out of the spaghetti as the side and doubled up on vegetables.

Cowboy Ron ordered the Crab Cakes as his entree and I was very jealous. He said they were delicious and it made me want to throw one of my funky scallops at him. I hate it when I order poorly!

James ordered the Oven Roasted 1/2 Chicken and he said it was very good. Moist, tender chicken and its pan juices made for a highly enjoyable eating experience. He elected the chicken be served with a salad and he did not mind it sharing a plate with his hot entree, I would have preferred it separate.

Last but not least, my handsome husband's Petite Filet was pepper crusted and cooked to perfection. The sauce served with it was an Ancho-Bourbon concoction and he thought it was just out of this world. He was so pleased with the size of the entree, quality of the meat and the uniqueness of the sauce.

Everyone at the table loved their meals except me, which is very rare. I did love the soup so I cannot write off the entire experience. I am not opposed to returning to the restaurant to give my dining experience another shot. You will see me again, Michael's!

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