Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lonesome Dove - Fort Worth, TX

So I miss my brother and Kate. They were the life of the party during their stay and willing to try any restaurant. I constantly reminded them how much I loved Lonesome Dove so one one of their last days in Texas we went their for lunch.

Yay! God bless Texas.

 We started off our lunch with a sampler of sorts... From left to right: Blue Corn Lobster Hushpuppies - These were fantastic. They were light, fluffy and savory. In the middle was the Rabbit-Rattlesnake sausage on a spiced Rosti - It was fine, a little game but we all were happy for the experience. On the far right was the Elk Sliders with Foie Gras and Blueberry Jam - These were tasty and I would highly encourage you to order them. They tasted quite decadent.

Cowgirl Kate ordered the Garlic Stuffed Tenderloin with a Western Plaid Hash. She thought it was nicely cooked and totally edible but lacked that something special to make it completely memorable. 

And now for this bomb and I do mean BOMB. Do not and I mean NEVER order the Lamb Pozole Stew here. I love pozole and I love lamb but the creation that Lonesome Dove creates is the nastiest thing i have ever put in my mouth. Imagine hauling a load of sheep in a trailer, you then take that trailer and lift up the nose, drain the contents into a bowl, heat it up and them serve it. That is what it tastes like. I even asked the waiter to have the "day chef" taste what we were served and they were convinced that is what they wanted it to taste like.

So there you have it, a nice restaurant with a fantastic reputation can even have some issues. Caution, caution and approach with care when ordering at Lonesome Dove.

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