Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hoffbrau - Fort Worth, TX

 The Hoffbrau is any easy place to go when you are looking for a quick dinner close to the Coliseum. We usually make a visit there after a long day and are craving really big entree salads. It is known as a steak place but the menu hits on a variety of items so you really cannot go wrong ordering land, water or sea.

We were seated just under these two license plates... How fitting is that?! The name of our good little horse and my family business. I like a good coincidence. I give the decorations two thumbs up, obviously.

If you order an appetizer make sure it is the Brau Chips served with chunky blue cheese dressing. The thinly sliced potatoes are sometimes crispy, others chewy and as a whole totally awesome. They usually come out totally hot and perfectly salty. Ask for more blue cheese dressing if you run out before the basket is empty. If there are only two of you dining ask for a half order, even I could not do a full.  

The fried Chicken Salad is just the bomb. It is filled with all naughty things along with the chopped fried chicken. Bacon, cheese, croutons, hard boiled eggs and too much dressing washed it all down. I know this version of a "salad" is not the best option but it was just tasty enough for me not to care.

Scott ordered the Tilapia Salad and it surprised me to see him go the seafood route without me joining in as well. The salsa on top was quite spicy as the jalapeno had a kick. It was served on a bed of lettuce, corn, beans and delicately dressed. From what I saw, the best part of his order was probably those two little hush puppies on the side of his plate.

We will most likely will be back for another meal here because of the proximity to the coliseum. I will probably get the Fried Green Tomatoes because I have not had them probably since my last visit here two years ago. 

The Fort Worth eating competition rolls on... 

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