Monday, April 28, 2014

Dominos - Product Review

One of the really cool perks about being Melissa Good Taste is I get a lot of emails from people wanting me to review their products on my blog. I am not going to lie, getting sent free products to try is kind of awesome. It keeps my job interesting to say the least. While I was in Texas, I was contacted by a Dominos representative and was asked to review their new Specialty Chicken menu item. 

They were so cool to make a delivery to our hotel room that night. It was kind of refreshing to have a night off from dining out and just grub out in our pajamas in the room.

This is it! Dominos new Specialty Chicken - Boneless chicken covered with a variety of fun toppings. This was the "Sweet BBQ Bacon" and far and away my favorite. The combination of flavors were awesome and to be honest it is a new inventive way to eat the toppings that you favor on a protein base rather than bread. 

The next option we got sent to try was the "Spicy Jalapeno Pineapple". It wasn't bad, just not my favorite. I think this one appealed to Scott because he really likes Hawaiian pizza and this seemed to be a play on that.

Other Specialty Chicken options are: "Classic Buffalo" and "Crispy Bacon and Tomato". I am very excited to try them both at my local Dominos.

They also included a pizza as a complete surprise to complete our meal. It was the "Pacific Veggie" on Thin Crust and it was outstanding. I liked the Specialty Chicken as an appetizer and this pizza as a closer for sure. It was sliced in easy to handle squares so the toppings didn't slide off on pick up.

Before that night I couldn't remember the last time I ate at Dominos. It just wasn't a place I thought about but this meal was a wake up call! You can get really good pizza, appetizers, chicken, pasta and sandwiches for a fair price from this national chain! Give it a try, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity.

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Oh, girl, you lost me with this review. Dominos?!