Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet My People - Melissa Good Taste!

Curious what I said? Check out my responses:

1. You wake up in the morning to a chef in your kitchen. What do you ask him/her to make you?
Easy. I would like an authentic pot of Pozole bubbling away on the stove. The pork would be fork tender and hominy with a bite. Garnishes of lemon, cilantro and chopped onion on the side, please.

2. Lunch or Dinner - Which would you rather skip? Why?
I knew this question would stump most of you guys but it is an interesting one. I cannot make it past 11:00 am without eating but I usually can't stand the Lunch menu at a restaurant. The Dinner menu always is better.

3. Your go-to drink for a good time?
It seems like overnight I became a strict Sauvignon Blanc fan. Usually after a couple of glasses I am pretty much the party!

4. You walk into your favorite Mexican food joint. What do you order?
An easier question might have been, "What wouldn't you order?"... I think each restaurant has their "specialty" but in general a chile relleno or a shredded beef enchilada is safe. No matter what I order the refried beans must have spent a good amount of time under the broiler with a dose of queso on top!

5. Sushi. A once popular craze or a staple in your cuisine?
I would have to agree that it was more chic to eat sushi a few years ago. I would go more often but it is pricey and it can be risky when experimenting with rolls because before you know it you have a table full of food and a big bill! Give me the rolls with the most sauce and unexpected ingredients!

6. Your friend asks you to lunch at a generic Chinese Food restaurant. What do you order?
I would start off with a cup of Hot and Sour Soup - even though it is usually never actually "hot" or "sour". I always order and probably will continue that trend for awhile. I would settle on Honey Walnut Shrimp, it is generally served in a cream sauce with broccoli. A side of white rice bathed in low sodium soy sauce.

7. McDonald's, Burger King or Jack In the Box? Why?
I am a big fan of the Filet 'O Fish from McDonald's. But, the 99 cent tacos from Jack In The Box pretty much make my day.

8. Restaurant trend - Dessert served before Dinner. Would it work?
I love savory desserts so if it was cheese, salt or had a base of deep fried goodness I may just have to check it out!

9. Why is Coffee more popular than Tea? Your take.
I used to love coffee, I drank it everyday. Now it just hurts my stomach. Tea is soothing. I think it is more popular because people who drink are taken more serious than people who slurp down tea. I am just saying... I think of hippies with curly, frizzy hair sipping on hemp flavored tea.

10. Italian Food - More than just noodles? Do you get tired of just ordering different shapes of the same dough?
A noodle is a noodle and I am bored with it! I am a risotto eating fool.


Drew Mackie said...

Themes I see so far: hot & sour soup, risotto and not being able to skip meals for medical reasons. Genetic maybe?

foodhoe said...

I love this series, very cool to get to know more about Melissa Good Taste! I'm with you on the importance of breaking the fast early - can't make it to 10 am without becoming uncivilized myself! love those jack in the box tacos...