Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet My People - Aunt Cindy & Cousin Drew

Just my Aunt Cindy will have a photo feature in this blog post, Drew opted out. Which is too bad because Drew is one of the first features on my blog. Look here - oops! There is Drew! Anyway this is what he has to say:


1. You wake up in the morning to a chef in your kitchen. What do you ask him/her to make you?
Pork Belly. And if they're particularly attentive, Garlic Pork Belly. Preferably with an especially green side so I can feel better about eating what is essentially really thick bacon.

2. Lunch or Dinner - Which would you rather skip? Why?
Did you not get the hereditary low blood sugar? If I skip any meal, I get crabby to the point that I'd jeopardize my job. That said, I'd rather snack through lunch and have a kickass dinner.

3. Your go-to drink for a good time?
Out: Gin and tonic. Because it's never expensive. In: Gin or vodka with muddled cucumber & basil, plus club soda.

4. You walk into your favorite Mexican food joint. What do you order?
Tamales and beer.

5. Sushi. A once popular craze or a staple in your cuisine?
Too expensive to be a staple, but I've learned that it doesn't have to be cooked to be delicious.

6. Your friend asks you to lunch at a generic Chinese Food restaurant. What do you order?
Hot & Sour Soup, then duck with plum sauce.

7. McDonald's, Burger King or Jack In the Box? Why?
I swear I'm not a food snob, but I don't do fast food... unless it's In & Out. But if I had to pick, Jack In the Box at least has variety.

8. Restaurant trend - Dessert served before Dinner. Would it work?
I don't do sweets unless someone I know baked them. I'd be happier with a pre-dinner cocktail.

9. Why is Coffee more popular than Tea? Your take:
Tea. No jitters.

10. Italian Food - More than just noodles? Do you get tired of just ordering
different shapes of the same dough?
I only cook noodles at home. If I'm going out, I'll go to a Italian place and have them cook something that I could never be capable on my own. The more elaborate the risotto, the better.


1. Veggie omelet

2. Lunch because I am always busy during the day.

3. Glass of Calera chardonnay

4. Fiesta salad served in a tortilla shell

5. Sushi never!

6. I would order whatever someone else at me table reccommended because I don't particularily like Chinese food.

7. Burger King because I like the junior hamburger.

8. I don't generally do dessert, so it wouldn't work for me.

9. Coffee tastes better than tea to me.

10. My favorite Italian dish is gnocchi, (not a noodle but a potato dumpling) with tomato, mushroom and garlic sauce with a
hint of lemon peel. Yum!!

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