Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet My People - Jodie

I don't have a photo of Jodie but she is my pal in Ventura. We enjoy all things Ojai, horses and food! I cannot wait for our next night out on the town!

1. You feel an urge to cook, you have the energy and the ingriedents. What is it? Chile verde (pork shoulder roast, tomatillos, cilantro, hatch chilis), refried beans (not from a can), salsa (not from a jar), tortilla chips (not from a bag), margaritas (with my margarita mix & patron tequila, grand marnier or cointreau) & a good mexican cerveza (for those who don't want my margs).

2. Thanksgiving is a foodie's dream come true. What entree makes your meal complete? Toss up between cranberries & dressing, I have to have cranberries with the turkey. So many other items... I love cooking this meal! From appetizers, to main dish (the turkey, which I brine), sweet potatoes (without the marshmallows), veggies, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, and the pumpkin & apple pies. Wine!

3. You walk into a Thai restaurant. What do you order?(This is what we like Sawasdee on Johnson Dr.) Angel Prawns, Mussaman Curry with beef(we ask to bump up the heat by another chili) Vegetable delight with shrimp, and steamed rice.

4. Your favorite potato chip - Everyone has there favorite brand and flavor. Maybe it isn't even a potato? Lays BBQ
5. Your in charge of coming up with a new "In-Flight Meal" for the airlines. What is it? Cold, light and easy to serve and eat. Wraps, light sandwiches and salads.

6. Suddenly the world just ran out of mayonaise and mustard. What goes on your deli sandwich as its replacement? Plain Greek yogurt flavored with a little garlic, salt and pepper, with a little chopped italian parsley added. For those who like spicy... jalapeno jelly is yummy.

7. Macaroni and Cheese. Is it really better all jazzed up? If jazzed up means using different kinds of cheese in addition to cheddar, then yes.

8. What is your favorite sweet treat on Easter Sunday? Most anything chocolate from See's, without walnuts...

9. You walk into a Sports Bar - What do you order to grub down on? Hamburgar and extra crispy fries.

10. Food Trucks - Your take, gourmet or not? Depending on the truck, they can be very gourmet... it would be fun to try to cook with such a limited space.

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