Friday, September 23, 2011

Harry's Plaza Cafe - Santa Barbara, CA

So if you had to find this place based on its exterior - you never would. This local legend has been a Santa Barbara hot spot since 1968. An original cowboy hangout - with its Ranchero Room is a mecca for celebrities and foodies alike.

The beautiful red interior is consistent througout. Madonna Inn has its "pink" and Harry's has its "red". I felt like I was in a time warp - memorabilia and old photos surrounded me, it was as if I was among royalty.

Normally restaurants do bread and butter. Harry's does Bread, butter, sour cream, green onions and salsa! So I slathered my bread and got after it! Calories? What calories?

When Jalapeno Bottle Caps are on the menu how do you not order them? Deep fried jalapeno rings served with ranch. I mean come on? We scarfed these down like our lives depended on it.

After my Andria's Seafood experience I should have been worried to order chowder but I went with it and was pleasantly surprised. Not bad, not bad at all.

Santa Barbara Salad with Tri-Tip. Healthy Shmealthy... People are turning organic all around me. But really, it looked lovely.

My White Fish Picatta. I ordered mine with a side of risotto because I crave it constantly. The butter floating on the plate did not scare me, in fact, it was delicious, sinful and fabulous. Would I order this again? Only if they left off the green beans and added more risotto! Gosh, I am so bad.

Harry's is one cool place - full of history and character. You just don't find that too often anymore. Am I down for another visit? Heck yes! I just need a room close by next time, I heard the drinks at the bar are a rockin' good time!

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