Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet My People - Donna & Mike

Since I will be stuck at a horse show for 10 days and will not be able to upload restaurant photos (I forgot my cord...shoot.) I will feature, "Meet My People" - If you have not been emailed the survey, copy and paste it. Then email at I think it is really fun!

Meet Donna. My good friend from Hollister - she is patient, kind and one of the sweetest women that I know.

1. You wake up in the morning to a chef in your kitchen. What do you ask him/her to make you? Banana Pancakes with Hawaiian Coconut Syrup

2. Lunch or Dinner - Which would you rather skip? Why?
This one depends on what I'm doing on any given day. Most of the time; Lunch.

3. Your go-to drink for a good time?
No, I don't really drink. Maybe a nice cold beer or a strawberry Margarita or even one glass of wine. That's it for me.

4. You walk into your favorite Mexican food joint. What do you order?
Albondigas soup and a crunchy taco

5. Sushi. A once popular craze or a staple in your cuisine?
NO raw fish for me!

6. Your friend asks you to lunch at a generic Chinese Food restaurant. What do you order?
Deluxe fried rice and war wonton soup

7. McDonald's, Burger King or Jack In the Box? Why?
Jack has the best salads of the three. and I do like the egg-rolls.

8. Restaurant trend - Dessert served before Dinner. Would it work?
Not for me

9. Why is Coffee more popular than Tea? Your take.
I don't drink Coffee I drink Tea. No take on this

10. Italian Food - More than just noodles? Do you get tired of just ordering different shapes of the same dough?
Absolutely. Pass the pasta on by and grab the totally decked out Antipasta salad and Minestrone Soup!

Now meet Donna's husband, Mike. He was my work neighbor and I miss his humor and good times at work.

1. Depends on where I am if it's near a beach I want fresh fish or seafood. If its a beef town just steak baby.

2. Skip lunch take a full dinner like a 7 course Caesar's in San Francisco.

3. Margaritas with my favorite Mexican food.

4. Progresso Tamales and refried beans or Carnitas with green sauce.

5. Sushi hands down a must, again in Hawaii even better.....

6. Garlic Beef or Kung Pow Chicken with Chow Mein can't go wrong with these ones.

7. Mickey Ds always the same anywhere across the whole USA you know what your getting every time.

8. No people like it the way it is, say what about say breakfast for dinner?

9. I think because it evolved this way due to the British embargo of tea in colonial time we started coffee and been addicted from then.

10. Silly girl see answer 2 go to Caesar's get real Italian food not Olive Garden.

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