Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet My People - Allison & Shannon

So have you noticed a trend yet? I am so blessed to have beautiful, clever friends and family! Now meet Allison and Shannon - sisters of course, and close cousins to both my sister and I.


1. You wake up in the morning to a chef in your kitchen. What do you ask him/her to make you? Frittata!!!! Is my chef also a barista???

2. Lunch or Dinner - Which would you rather skip? Why? Dinner. If I skip lunch there is a very real possibility I might shrivel up & die.

3. Your go-to drink for a good time? Crown & 7up with a lime – although this summer I’m in love with Sangria…

4. You walk into your favorite Mexican food joint. What do you order? Enchilada, tamale, or chili relleno – always with rice & beans!

5. Sushi. A once popular craze or a staple in your cuisine? It’s always been a once & a while treat… probably always will be…

6. Your friend asks you to lunch at a generic Chinese Food restaurant. What do you order? Sweet & Sour Chicken

7. McDonald's, Burger King or Jack In the Box? Why? Cheeseburger, Whopper Jr., or Chicken Fajita Pita – sooo hard to choose!!!

8. Restaurant trend - Dessert served before Dinner. Would it work? Nope – then I’d have nothing to look forward to!

9. Why is Coffee more popular than Tea? Your take. You can’t add chocolate & whipped cream to tea!

10. Italian Food - More than just noodles? Do you get tired of just ordering different shapes of the same dough? For some reason I never get tired of different shaped dough…


1. Something with eggs and strawberries/grapefruit

2. Dinner. if I skip lunch I will be shakey and grumpy the rest of the day

3. Vodka tonic w lime

4. Shredded beef enchilada

5. Don’t eat if…food allergies scare me so I usually get chicken terriaki

6. Fried rice, chow main, sweat and sour pork, and wan ton soup.

7. Jack in the box. They have mozzarella sticks.

8. No…cause I would fill up and only eat desert. I would like it…but it would not be good for me.

9. It is stronger. I need the caffeine!!

10. No. I love Italian food. I take any shape noodle.

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