Thursday, September 1, 2011

Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant - Lebec, CA

While at the Tejon Ranch we found ourselves consumed by Mexican Food. Not that I was complaining. But if we weren't at Jack in the Box eating tacos or at Bonnie's Taco Party we are Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant. Slide on into the main restaurant in town and grab your a seat!

There are a lot of things to try on the menu! Go on and explore!

I ventured for the Pan Seared Fish with sides of rice and beans. Pretty solid choice, big portions and I was darn impressed. The rice was full of mini veggies - have to eat them somehow!

One Cheese Enchilada - This also was very tasty. I had it for lunch one day. I recommend this for a dish on the fly up or down Interstate 5.

Pretty impressed with how Los Pinos handled themselves, even under stress. One night it was packed to the brim with customers! I mean waiting outside and every table occupied. We still were in and out very quickly. I forgot the guacamole! Order that, it was very addicting. Enjoy the grapevine...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. Hubby & I are traveling south on Hwy 5 at the moment, looking for a good restaurant for dinner and found your blog post here. Was interested in the place but the pics convinced us! :-)