Thursday, September 22, 2011

Andria's Seafood - Ventura, CA

For years I have heard about how wonderful this place is but look at it... A cafeteria. No service, just order off a sign board and wait in a weird line. I am not impressed. Pay your cash and take a seat at a very uncomfortable table.

So this is a a SMALL bowl of paste, oops, I mean Clam Chowder. I have read the YELP reviews - some claim this is the BEST, MOST CREAMY chowder they have ever eaten. Well, these people are wrong and are void of all taste buds. Listen to me, do not order the chowder. Walk on by...

Now here, we have the Mahi Mahi Burger and the upgraded Fish and Chips - Halibut, one might call that the King of the Sea. I want to shake the cooks at Andria's by the shoulders firmly and convince them that salt is necessary whenever grilling or frying fish. This was bland city.

Read YELP. They will go on and on about this place. It is expensive and is not worth the time you wait in line. Walk across the parking lot to Brophy Brothers (who actually has a bathroom connected to their building) and get yourself a solid meal.


AllThingsYummy said...

Oh no, so sad you didn't like it. I'm a fan of the clam chowder in a bread bowl. I do have to add pepper, Tabasco and oyster crackers but overall I enjoy it. I've never been to Brophy Brothers. I'll have to check it out.

Kristin said...

andrias is sooooo over rated. we never ever go there. we love hook line and sinker in oxnard, or they have one in the johnson food court. or we like fish and chips on seaward, across from dukes. check them out