Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet My People - Mary

Meet Mary. She is my cousin from the East Coast. She is often referred to as "Miss" so we share a name. She is smart, funny and independent. I miss her and look forward to seeing her very soon.

1. You wake up in the morning to a chef in your kitchen. What do you ask him/her to make you? My favorite breakfast from a french bistro we used to have in Greenwich, Cafe Rue: 3 Cheese omelet (havarti, mozzarella, swiss) with a fresh tomato basil sauce and a toasted baguette!

2. Lunch or Dinner - Which would you rather skip? Why? Dinner, I like a "real meal" for lunch and a lighter dinner anyways, so I could just step lunch up a notch and skip dinner, no problem! Cocktails count as dinner, right?!

3. Your go-to drink for a good time? Frozen mudslide

4. You walk into your favorite Mexican food joint. What do you order? One chicken, one cheese enchilada with mole sauce ... and you gotta have cheese on your refried beans and plenty of yummy spicy salsa!

5. Sushi. A once popular craze or a staple in your cuisine? Don't eat it, ever.

6. Your friend asks you to lunch at a generic Chinese Food restaurant. What do you order? Veggie spring roll with homemade hot mustard and chicken and broccoli with white rice, plenty of srirachi sauce on the side

7. McDonald's, Burger King or Jack In the Box? Why? Burger King, all about the flame broiled and onion rings

8. Restaurant trend - Dessert served before Dinner. Would it work? No, I'm not a big dessert person to begin with, I much prefer savory over sweet.

9. Why is Coffee more popular than Tea? Your take. I hate coffee, can't get over the bitterness, but I do love a good cup of tea, nice spicy chai in the winter or a light lemony tea in the summer. I'll brew my own tea and refrigerate it to mix with Absolut Citron for a refreshing summer cocktail!

10. Italian Food - More than just noodles? Do you get tired of just ordering different shapes of the same dough? I like pasta, especially with a spicy fra diavolo sauce, but I really prefer the other Italian meals, francese, marsala, etc. I do a simple peasant type of Italian dish int he summer, where I basically do veal cutlets and you serve them with lots of fresh lemon wedges which you squeeze all over them, very light and refreshing! Serve it with some skillet potatoes with onions, peppers and basil, some sugar snaps, very yummy!

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