Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013 - San Juan Bautista, CA

I was lucky enough to get to go home for almost a week to celebrate Christmas with my family. We always invite over "Uncle Frank" over as well, he likes a good meal. I love the Christmas time and the decorations, food and fun that comes with it.

Christmas dishes and glasses that we have used to serve many wonderful meals.

Nothing like a little red and green to encourage more chocolate eating!

Yep, more floral decorations...

A few more...

And Santa! This old guy has seen many moons!

I love this coffee table, a lot of memories are in there!

We went easy on the appetizers as we did not want to fill up before the main event. Cranberry Pepper Jelly and Cream Cheese - easy and a classic.

My brother's favorite - Shrimp Dip made with cream cheese base, shrimp, Monterey jack cheese, cilantro and green onions. Also easy but a real crowd pleaser.

My Dad got the biggest surprise of the day gift wise...

We bought him a large digital picture frame that had hundreds of photos of him showing horses when he was a young boy, man and then the progression of my brother, sister and I showing. I scanned the photos for him and it was quite a job but to see tears of joy running down his face I knew it was all worth it. The picture frame was purchased by my Mom at one of my cutting horse shows. She always comes up with the best ideas!

I recieved so many thoughtful gifts from so many people. I am so blessed!

James and Kate opening up Santa's presents...

Jackpot! Some winning Scratchers!

 Dinner was served pretty early and we were not complaining, I like eating early.

Our plates lined up, ready to go!

Prime Rib, oven roasted potatoes, wild rice pilaf and popovers. Perfect!

Berry pie and ice cream.

James and Kate washed dishes and then he had to take a snooze. Mickey was guarding him, he didn't want anyone to bother him!

Kate and I took photos and then called it a night!

Christmas is great fun, totally exhausting but worth every minute! 

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