Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rio Grill - Carmel, CA

 The day after Christmas my Mom wanted to use a gift certificate that she received for Christmas so we made our way to Carmel. The weather was beautiful and restaurants were packed! I guess no one wanted to eat their leftovers. We sat down in the bar area of the Rio Grill to get fed quickly.

The soup of the day was a Beef pozole. I have had plenty of pork and chicken versions so I figured this deserved a try. It was very familiar to to a beef stew, I wish it had just been tad spicier.

Kathy went for the tacos, fish and shrimp. They were just ok. Nothing to be disappointed or too excited about.

I saw a cheesy, chicken and spinach pasta on the menu and went for that as my main entree. It was mostly like Mac and Cheese but it was still quite tasty. I had wished for more chicken versus pasta but it still was totally fine.

While we were at it we decided to go for desserts. Mine a Mocha Flan which was really fantastic, the whipped cream totally made each bite delectable.

Kathy went for the Roasted Banana's with ice cream, strawberries and walnuts. I thought it looked like a messy, good time. 

We had entertainment people watching inside the bar. It really is amazing how fast you can get to know someone! An hour lunch, filled my tummy and entertained my mom and I! Double score!

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