Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fleur by Hubert Keller - Las Vegas, NV

My group of girls had shopping on the brain Friday morning so we loaded up and went to the Mandalay Bay to experience their Cowboy Christmas vendors. I broke from the pack and wandered the aisles and aisles of fine Western items before I declared myself famished. I hiked into the main casino floor of Mandalay and sat myself down at Fleur.

Everything on the menu sounded exquisite but it was the White Onion Veloute with truffle oil that really got me excited. 

I googled this dish to try to find his "secret" recipe and this is all I came up with...

The soup starts with a hot butter, frothing in a pan - a great start! Thinly sliced white onions (2) and then leek (1) slowly cook for 20-30 minutes creating a soft, sweet base. A poatoe meanwhile is cooking in 2 cups of chicken broth in another pot until it falls apart. The onion pot dives in with the potato pot and a hand blender blends until smooth. Garnish with drops of truffle oil and chive.

I cannot believe the recipe did not contain cream?! It was velvety smooth, totally rich and fantastic! I will try the recipe tonight to see if it was anything like I had at the restaurant. I am craving it now!

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