Monday, December 9, 2013

Julian Serrano - Las Vegas, NV

While in Las Vegas last weekend you needed to dress warmly, in fact layer upon layer. It was freezing. However, we soldiered on and braved the temperatures to explore The Strip. 

It eventually got way too cold so we made our way into the Aria and sat down for a nice lunch at Julian Serrano. A Spanish tapas restaurant that exploded with lots of bold, cheery colors.

Hello, Melissa Good Taste here - Live from Las Vegas!

We started off with Goat Cheese Stuffed Piquillo Peppers and those were tasty. It got our appetite going... We wanted more!

Next were Fried Artichoke hearts and I did not care for these. Sometimes it takes like I am chewing through fiber and sticks when I eat an artichoke heart. It wasn't my thing, but Jennifer liked it.

We were brave and ordered the Octopus with a Smoked Paprika sauce. It was ok, I mean I din't hate it but after a few bites I kind of was turned off. The slices were thick and it almost tasted fatty.  We both sent back bites.

Lobster, whipped potatoes and asparagus. We both only got one bite but it was really fantastic. It was the tastiest thing we had all day. Well, until we had dessert...

I have never had a tastier churro! With spicy, hot chocolate dipping sauce we had bite by bite of heaven! Very good. I was impressed royally.

It wasn't the best food, best service but it was really special because I got to spend quality time with my sister. That is priceless. 

Thank you for including me!

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