Thursday, December 26, 2013

Enzo's - Santa Paula, CA

Enzo's is a restaurant within the Glen Tavern Inn located in historic Santa Paula. The Inn is said to be haunted, that inrigued me as I read through stories about spiritual encounters. Besides that I wanted to try the restaurant as I had heard it was good.

The menu was pretty standard. There was one appetizer that I wanted to try but didn't have the appetite as I was by myself. The Crostino al Prosciutto sounded divine as it bathed in a butter sauce - knife and fork type action! Next time, for sure.

My meal was that of my two favorites, Salmon - fish always, always! The white wine, caper sauce was very delicious and there was plenty of it. I love extra sauce. The risotto was lovely, probably a little thick and heavy, but tasty all the same. I was very bad and told them to leave off the vegetables, they were included in the meal.

I was impressed with Enzo's and cannot wait to dine there again. It is nice to have another fine dining desination "on that side of the hill"...

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