Sunday, December 22, 2013

The French Bulldog - Camarillo, CA

I have read a lot about this new restaurant in Camarillo but never had a chance or occasion to visit it for myself. That was until my friends Deb, Kat and I decided to meet for a nice lunch to celebrate Christmas time before we all got bogged down with family plans. 

The restaurant was hosting two different company parties during our visit so we did not get the service attention that I am sure we would have received had the large reservations were not there. I was too busy admiring the restaurants beauty and fun conversation to even care if we were not getting served promptly.

We were seated in the back bar area and it gave us a good view of the restaurant. The dining area is just to the right of this photo.

Cute martini glasses that don the French Bulldog and house a pretty, sweet drink. 

Deb and I got there early so we split an order of fries dusted with parmesan to share. Good choice for snacking and chatting!

Right when i saw the lunch entree BBQ Salmon served with mashed potatoes sauteed spinach I knew that was what I wanted. The crunchy topping was texturally pleasing as well. I loved this dish and even loved that it was only $15. A bargain for a lot of well cooked food.

Deb went for the Vegetable Panini and a side of greens. What a good little herbivore! She genuinely said it was delicious and there was so much food she took most to go.

Kat was also a good, healthy eater and went for the Ahi Salad. I would have went home hungry if it was my lunch but she seemed pleased and happily munched away at her salad.

I was happy with our lunch at The french Bulldog and cannot wait to return for another girl's luncheon or a trip with Scott. I know he would love the panini selection as well as the beautiful setting.

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