Friday, December 27, 2013

Ojai Emporium - Ojai, CA

The morning after my Christmas Shindig both Scott and I woke up craving something other than our party food...

The Ojai Emporium is not a place we think about often so when we were debating on where to go, it came up and we took advantage of the thought.

Scott had a Cheeseburger on his mind to help ease his aching body. He ordered it with a wheat bun, which sounded way too healthy for me when you are craving a juicy, greasy burger. He said it was just ok, I assume this is not the place to order that - it caters to a more healthy crowd.

I love, love a Asian/Chinese/Wonton Salad from anywhere. So when I saw that they had one I jumped on it, extra dressing of course. I loved the fact that they had warm, sliced pieces of chicken breasts was lovely. Usually the chicken served on these type of salads is cold. I hate that! Anyhow, the sald as a whole was ok. My favorite is still at Papa Lennon's in Meiners Oaks.

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